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The Perpetual Peace Project is pleased to release videos created by students from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, speaking about what peace means to them.

The often hesitant voices featured in this dialogue add another dimension to the broader understanding of peace that the Perpetual Peace Project seeks to cultivate. Their remarks are emblematic of an Eastern understanding of the interrelationship between peace and harmony, in which peace is defined not as a goal but as a process of negotiation and balance within oneself, one's society and in relation to nature. Responding to the Chinese government's association of peace with a "harmonious society," the students articulate personal and metaphorical definitions that serve as an inspiration for all to consider what peace means to each of us.

Selections from Beijing

- "Peace is like, the idea that the Chinese government promotes of harmonious society. Its a good idea, but hard to enforce or achieve."

- "Peace is a process that is like water, green colored water flows from a plant's root to the leaf."

- "I think that peace is a kind of feeling, it's only in your heart. When you achieve peace, it should be the most beautiful time in the world."

- "Peace is balance. Balance between human and nature, people and people, give and back. Maybe if everything reaches balance the world will be peace, but it is very difficult to come true. So maybe the peace is not true--it's just a dream."

- "To me peace is a concept--it's an idea, it's like faith. So it's very close to religion. If you believe in God you're happy, and for many people if you believe in peace you're happy. But whether or not it actually exists needs to be studied."

- "Justice. Peace is justice, and fair."

About the Workshop

The recordings featured on this webpage are from a workshop conducted at the Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) in November 2010 in Beijing, China. The workshop was led by Aaron Levy, Executive Director of Slought Foundation, with artist Siu Lan Ko as translator. The aim of the workshop was to explore ideas of peace and social responsibility with reference to current conditions, within the framework of cultural dialogue and institutional exchange.

The programs were organized by Melissa Lam of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Travel support provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative, with additional support provided by the Society of Friends of the Slought Foundation.

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Selections from Hong Kong

- "I think peace is people need to let go of their ego."

- "I think peace is a state of negotiation. I agree there is always conflicts, and through conflicts and negotiations and even compromising then you achieve peace. If you don't give and take, peace would have no meaning."

- "Only ignorant people feel peace."

About the Workshop

The recordings featured on this webpage are from workshops conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in November 2010 in Hong Kong, China.

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